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Let go!marketin SMS show you how SMS marketing works. go!marketin SMS is a powerful do-it-yourself Text Messaging (SMS) platform that assists business owners and marketers to engage customers and increase business revenue. The best way to discover how go!marketin SMS can support your business is to try it out by yourself. Which is why we've made it instantaneous and free to do just that. Most importantly, you don't need a credit card to create your free account! Your go!marketin SMS account comes preloaded with free credits and without contracts or obligation.


Our robust Text Messaging API can be used by Developers to integrate our text mesaaging platform into existing systems. Developers can efficiently utilize our documentation and extensive code samples to create custom mobile marketing solutions simply by using our friendly text messaging APIs.

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Easing the process with 'Shared Short Code'

The possible benefits of the shared short code keywords are almost limitless. The shared short codes keywords are mostly use to attract new contacts to your SMS database or to conduct interesting surveys among your existing contacts. Apart from this, if you wish to sort your contacts into groups according to their particular interests, or geographical locations - or into whichever category descriptions you choose, the shared shortcode keywords can assist you in this task.

So, the shared short code keywords make the management of your database much easier. They can also save your money by eliminating “wasted” text messages. Wasted text messages are those messages which are sent to the contacts who have no interest in their content. Many time the contacts in the database opt out of your SMS short code service because they are receiving too many pointless text messages. Shared short codes can prevent such scenarios effectively.

To use a

nd reap the benefits of shared short codes, you do not need a broad understanding of shared short codes and keywords. However, one must know the difference between shared short codes as well as dedicated short codes, and how to make maximum use of your keywords by using sub-keywords. This will surely benefit in maximizing the effectiveness of your SMS short code service.

The Basic Difference between Shared Short Codes and Dedicated Short Codes

To understand the difference between them, first we need to understand the meaning of a short code. It is a five or six-digit number. People typically send a text message on this number to join an SMS short code service or to take part in a specific survey. Most people will have seen an advertisement inviting them to (for example) “text ´JOIN´ to 54321”. The keyword in the ad is “JOIN”, while 54321 is the “short code”. The short codes are basically the easy-to-remember numbers to save individuals from having to write down a full ten digit number every time.

A shared shortcode is shared among the clients of a service provider. For example, if a retailer, a food delivery service and a realtor were using go!marketin SMSs service. For all three businesses´ shared shortcode would be 54321.

Whereas, the dedicated short codes are unique short codes provided to each individual business which are quite expensive to rent. The two types of dedicated short codes are “random” and “vanity”. “Random” dedicated short codes are created with a random combination of numbers (for example 56384), whereas “vanity” short codes are created in a way they can be remembered easily. (for example 654321). You can also use a vanity short code if your company has a six-letter name that could be spelled on a keypad.

How to Distinguish One Shared Short Code Service from Another

We have already given the example above that a retailer, a food delivery service and a realtor are using go!marketin SMSs messaging service and the same shared short code of 54321. So, how to distinguish the retailer´s shared short code service from the food delivery service´s and the realtor´? The answer is 'the keywords'. Our support staff monitors which business is using which keyword so that when the shared short code 54321 receives a text message, we immediately transfer that SMS to the correct database according to the given keyword in the text message.

Apparently it means that all the above-mentioned three businesses cannot use the exact same keyword at the same time. Furthermore there are ways in which potential keyword demand issues can be resolved with just a little creative thinking. Let's understand this with an example. If you were the owner of the food delivery services and you want to use your shared short code service to promote a three-for-two pizza offer - but the keyword “3FOR2” was already being used - we would recommend that you use the keyword “BTGT” (Buy Two Get Three).

If you do not wish to wait until your preferred keyword becomes available, you can go for the sub-keywords too. It is the only remaining alternative is to rent a dedicated short code but, as mentioned above, these are quite expensive. At go!marketin SMS, a random dedicated short code will cost about $6,000 per year, while the vanity dedicated short codes start from $ 12,000 annually.

How to Use Sub-Keywords in a SMS Short Code Service

Whether you choose a shared short code service or pay a hefty price for a dedicated short code, the sub-keywords are a wonderful way to maximize the efficiency of your business´s SMS short code service. The Sub-keywords are basically the “second word” keywords. Once you rent a keyword, you can have as many sub-keywords as you want. To add a sub-keyword, you simply use your paid keyword, leave a space, and then add your rented sub-keyword. Let's understand this with an example:

A pizza delivery company called “Best Pizzas” uses its SMS short code service as an enquiry service for potential clients who are interested in ordering special pizzas offered by Best Pizzas on Halloween Day. The company has rented the keyword “Best” and uses a different sub-keyword on every For Pizza type (“Pizza1”, “Pizza2”, “Pizza3”, etc.). When a potential client wants more information about a particular pizza, they simply text “Best pizza2” to 54321. They receive just the complete information they requested, while their details are added to the pizza delivery company's database automatically.

Shared shortcode keywords can be utilized to conduct surveys or sort a database into groups. The Sub-keywords can also be utilized to conduct surveys. For example, a food delivery business called “Joeys” could survey its customers on which burger they would like to see stocked in the kitchen(text “Joeys Buzz”, “Joeys Veggie” or “Joeys Tangy” to 54321), or a nationwide chain store called “Super Goods” could sort its database by location (text “Super MO”, “Super CA” or “Super NY” to 54321).

Give Our Shared Short Code Keywords a Try for Free

As we know, the benefits of shared short code keywords are limitless. In this write up we have barely mentioned the major few of them. go!marketin SMS would like to invite you to have a try of our shared short code keywords for absolutely free using our “go!marketin” text messaging service.

“go!marketin” is a fully-enabled shared short code service which includes a free demo keyword. You can send bulk text messages to your contacts using the demo keyword and our shared short code number 54321. You can also analyse and track the success of your campaign on our text messaging platform go!marketin SMS.

You can contact our team of Client Success Managers anytime to get more information about this offer, or to ask any queries about shared short code keywords. Our team of skilled professionals will be happy to guide you through the method for setting up an account and offer you with the free website signup widgets so you can immediately start building your database of contacts.

How to Upload and Manage Your Contacts

How to Upload Phone Numbers

Creating a contact list is fairly easy. You can upload a list of phone numbers from a excel spreadsheet or add them one by one manually. While uploading your opted-in contacts in go!marketin SMS, you can include the first and last name, among other fields, in order to customize the outgoing messages. You can also sort, segment and update your list of extensive contacts.

Upload your contacts within seconds with go!marketin SMS

How to Sort Contacts into Different Groups?

If the contacts are obtained using one of our signup widget, then they are automatically tagged by their opt-in source. You can further segment your contacts into various unlimited Groups. After this, you can send your text messages to a single or multiple groups. Do not worry about sending the messages to a contact twice if they're in multiple groups, because our duplicate message checker makes sure that never happens

Texting From Smartphone Made Easy

Text from your Mobile

Do not worry If you do not have your computer while starting an SMS campaign. Using go!marketin SMS you can easily start a text messaging campaign just by using your mobile.

go!marketin SMS wants to empower every individual and offer you the ability to experience one of the best Group Text Messaging tool on any mobile phone with internet capabilities. To achieve that we have created a mobile optimized web pages version of the most important functionalities of the go!marketin SMS service. It is designed smartly to work as a “Remote Control” for the core features of our online service, go!marketin SMS. You can easily manage your Contacts and Mobile Keywords and send Group Text Messages, from anywhere by just using your cell phone.

Set your SMS campaign with us just in 60 seconds! You can text us your chosen keyword and your text message from up to 3 admin mobile numbers. We will send the message to the Groups you have selected, and it's free with any Keyword.

Analyse Your Progress

Track your SMS

Tracking and reporting features of go!marketin SMS allows you to gather valuable data and develop and deeper understanding of your potential clients. Our reporting interface gathers the data in precise detail, whether you're sending a simple text message or running a big text messaging campaign. This will eventually help you to grow your following. You can view your statistics about sent texts, received messages, and an entirely current number of persons in your contacts. This report will also assist you to find spikes in engagement, see results, analyze, refine, repeat, and profit.

How to Track Contacts

Tracking and reporting features of go!marketin SMS also allows you to track the exact timing and reason of joining of every new contact into your text marketing lists. Whether you are running a single and multiple SMS marketing campaign, we will monitor your opt-in spikes to offer you the details of which marketing campaigns are generating more traffic. Your opt-outs can be a perfect source to get the information about your SMS campaigns which didn't work.

Get Delivery Reports Quickly

go!marketin SMS sends you a delivery report with detailed information on the status of each message you send, at the Contact level. This delivery report will make sure that your messages are received by the people promptly.

Advanced Features Made Available with State-of-Art Technology

Starting and managing a successful SMS campaign using advanced features requires a high level of skill. go!marketin SMS's advanced text messaging features are easy to master quickly. Our skilled developers have invested their years of experience and skills to develop an efficient text messaging platform with a variety of effective advanced features. This has been designed to make the process of operating our platform as simple as possible. Our industry-leading team of Customer Service Managers is always on hand to assist if ever you encounter something you do not understand.

Which Advanced Features are Available in go!marketin SMS?

Just go through the list below; there are various advanced messaging features available to give your mobile marketing campaigns excellent efficiency and maximum impact. Every process scheduling messages in advance to personalizing your messages with the recipients´ names is easy to follow.

Free Incoming Messages

go!marketin SMS offers a variety of powerful advanced text messaging services. Whether you have a particular Keyword that people are texting in or your contacts are replying to your sent message, incoming messages are absolutely free. All incoming texts will get stored in your Inbox automatically. You can accurately sort and export your incoming texts whenever you would wish to. After sending a message from a short code, your contacts have 12 hours to reply you back.

Text Forwarding Services

Do you wish to keep an eye on incoming messages without logging into your go!marketin SMS account? Our effective text forwarding service allows you to do just that. Text forwarding lets you automatically relay incoming texts to an email address or your cell phone. Incoming texts forwarded to your cell phone require credits like any other text message you send.


Need to send a message next week but already know what you're going to say? Schedule text message campaigns to go out at any date or time - down to the minute. You can even choose whether or not to send the message to people who join the contact group after you schedule the message but before it is sent.

Recurring Messages

Recurring Texts enable you to compose a text message that will be forwarded out on a regular basis. You can send these recurring texts on daily, weekly or monthly, with all sorts of scheduling options. They're perfect for messages such as recurring daily offers or weekly calls.


We all know for the fact that every single contact in your SMS marketing list is more than just a phone number. With our advanced features recipient's first and last name can be automatically merged into your mass text messages for a personal touch. Personalizing your SMS marketing campaigns with the recipients´ names is one of the best advanced messaging features for maximizing the efficiency of your message.

Message Templates

The Message Templates is one of the innovative advanced tools which allows you to save your favorite text messages for future use. When you want to use them, just select that particular message, and we will load it right into the compose message page. If you wish, you can even make tweaks each time you use it. Looking for ideas? Just go through our templates first. We've added Starter Templates for many popular industries and groups!

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Our Client Success Managers are ready to help with anything you need from 10 am to 7 pm Eastern. Just give us a call, chat with us, or send a tweet. You can also reach go!marketin SMS via our email ticketing system, which is available 24x7. Please check our contact page for all the details.

24x7 Support

Our Client Support Staff monitors the support e-mail ticketing system, typically responding the clients within the span of two hours. Our developers & system admins keep a thorough eye on our application at all hours. To get up-to-date information, you can follow our System Status Twitter account.

Reliable Support

Our customers regularly rely on us to power thousands of text messaging campaigns for their organizations. Since our genesis, we've learned few things and evolved to perfect our technology and deliverance to help small and medium-size businesses with their marketing efforts. We would also love to share our expertise and experience with you.

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